Saving rig in zbrush

saving rig in zbrush

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Pose your model using Rotate on the ZSphere in the.

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How to RIG in Zbrush! - 60 Second Tutorial
Save this tool using the Save As button at the top of the Tool palette. Press the PasteTM Rig button to paste the rig onto the new ZSphere. And make sure you save the whole project (ZPR file) through the File>Save As button. That way the rigged combined mesh and your original model.
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Measurements in zbrush hard surface

This can happen when the project includes some of the parts that make up the model as well as the model itself. Create more ZSpheres by clicking on the ZSphere in the center. For a typical humanoid, you will want a ZSphere below the root for the hip, and a ZSphere above it for the ribcage. Turn on the Grps option if you want to preserve the existing polygroups for your model.