Zbrush cavity map settings

zbrush cavity map settings

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Zbrush 4r6 tutorial

So if you wish to vary the map size on at the subdivision level where and wish to generate maps. When loading presets a list of the last ten used.

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6. Open the Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion Map, and Cavity Map menus. Set your settings to match Figure 7. Under the Mesh Export menu. Cavity maps are essentially the blue channel of a normal map and represent dark shading in the crevices of the model. They can be useful as a multiply layer. However I am having trouble getting a good material setting for capturing cavity maps. I tried using Behrooz's settings from this thread.
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To generate a series of maps from Multi Map Exporter, follow these steps:. You can get exceptional results rendering decimated meshes in Maya and bypassing the need for normal, bump, and displacement maps altogether. Normal Map options. The k Polys sliders is in , polygons, so is actually , triangles.