Injection moulding of small plastic objects with several cavities often uses plug moulding machines. These devices, also called as plug-cavity type moulds, can be used to produce a wide range of things, including consumer goods, medical supplies, and automotive components.

There are several varieties of plug molding machines, including:

Hydraulic Plug Moulding Machines

These devices’ great performance is their key benefit. The pressure and temperature needed to mold plastic items are easily attained. Two cylinders—one for cooling and one for heating—make up the hydraulic system. Large plastic parts are frequently produced using this style of plug moulding equipment.

Electric Plug Moulding Machines

Because they are less expensive than hybrid machines and have a higher efficiency than hydraulic machines, these plug moulding machines are more frequently utilized in the automotive sector. Electric machines are more adaptable than hydraulic ones because the electric power source enables the use of smaller motors with less torque.

Hybrid Moulding Machines

For various moulding operations, hybrid moulding machines provide a combination of hydraulic and electric power. They are perfect for businesses that require both small and large volumes of items since they may be utilized for modest and high volume applications. These machines provide a number of benefits, including as high productivity rates, simplicity in setup, and maintenance-free operation.

Advantages of Plug Moulding Machines

The plastics sector makes extensive use of plug moulding machines because of their benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using these machines:

Reduced setup times

A plug molding machine is made up of a number of parts, including an extruder, an injection unit, a cooling unit, and a clamping system. The clamping mechanism keeps the mold tight so that the injection unit may inject molten plastic into it. Once the molten plastic has cooled and taken on the shape of a solid object, the mold can be opened. In order to generate the requisite number of pieces, this process is done endlessly. Because there is less waiting time between cycles due to the shorter setup time, production levels are higher.

Effective and Consistent Quality

The efficiency of plug molding machines is due to the adoption of a relatively straightforward procedure. The technique also results in a very high level of end product quality. Since the machine has no moving parts or heat sources, there is no danger of harm or contamination while it is in use. As a result, you have more control over your products and may make a wide range of goods without worrying about uniformity or reproducibility.

Simple to Customize

Plug moulding equipment is ideal for producing customized goods since it is simple to modify it to fit any application or size need. To make various goods on demand, all you need to do is alter the machine settings or molds. They are therefore the best option if you wish to produce small batches effectively and inexpensively.


Plastic injection mouldings are produced in large quantities using plug moulding machines, which are widely utilized in the industry. These machines are simpler to produce because they have less parts than other varieties, such screw moulding machines, etc. They may produce a lot of pieces at once because they have larger cavities. Individual mould mounting and demounting are simplified by plug assembly. Additionally, compared to machines of the Shrink Partition Cavity type, the plug mouldin machines have their plug ejection much quicker; thus an additional advantage.

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